Business Tax Preparation

RotenbergMeril’s team of tax professionals offers a comprehensive understanding of federal, state and international tax regulations. We can provide a wide range of services. across a vast variety of industries – from life sciences to professional services to construction and manufacturing. Tax planning is a year-round event and must be managed accordingly.

Tax Preparation Services

At RAF Accounting we are experts in preparing all business tax returns, regardless of your structure i.e. Subchapter S or C corporation, partnership, LLC or a sole proprietorship. We recognize the importance of understanding the nuances in the US tax code and how they affect different types of business structures. Our expertise extends to the preparation of consolidated and multi-state tax returns. At RAF Accounting we are experienced in all matters requiring tax research regardless of complications and the multitude of elections that might be required to maximize tax deductions. RAF Accounting are not only tax preparers, but are proficient tax analysts and financial consultants. We will assist you in financial planning and financial statement presentation, we are expert in recognizing the differences between tax preparation and financial reporting i.e. considering the timing differences between GAAP and deferred income taxes. RAF Accounting will provide you with tax projections during the year using “what if” scenarios that fit your unique situation. We recognize the importance of working well with your staff and provide you, the client, and the benefits of our many years of experience.We prepare business tax returns in all 50 states. Not only do we prepare income tax returns, but we prepare payroll and sales tax returns too.

Business Taxation

As tax laws grow in complexity, tax planning and preparation grow in difficulty. Specialized tax planning is crucial to business success today. Most companies want to maximize after-tax cash flow while minimizing the challenges associated with planning for and preparing year-end taxes.

Secure Customer Portal

As an added benefit, the RAF Accounting client portal allows you to access and view your financial documents in a secure environment. Your financial data will be accessible to you day or night.